“Starting Over”

‘Hi, I’m Abbi’. What a nuisance, thought Kevin. All he wanted was to get away from all his new “fan girls” and just sleep. He continued to lie on his new school terrace untill he heard a loud sigh followed by ‘ok starting over, HI I’M ABBI!’. Kevin turned around to find an impatient petite girl with medium loose hair standing right next to where he was lying. He kept staring at her. There is something annoyingly weird about her. But he cannot figure out what it is. ‘Look, I do not have all day to waste, Mrs Small said that I have to show you around since you are new here’. She said by tying her hair back in a pony tail.

He reluctantly picked up his backpack and followed Abbi. ‘So you’re new here huh? Give me your timetable, I’ll show you where your next class is’. Kevin took out his torn and crumbled timetable from his pocket. He handed it over to Abbi. She looked at it and back at him. She opened her mouth to say something but shook her head and smiled instead. He knew it was about his timetable. He half wondered what she thought about the state of it in her head. ‘You have biology next. Same as me’.She continued ‘Infact, we got a very similar timetable. C’mon then I’ll show you where it  is’. He followed her to the biology class. He sat at the back of the class. His biology teacher  Mr White went over to him and said to everyone in the class ‘Everyone, this is Kevin. He is new to our school.’ Mr white went back to his desk when he got no response from his new student.

‘Hey, wait up’ Kevin heard a voice behind him. She was running towards him. ‘Woah you’re in a hurry arent ya?’ said the voice’s owner. He still cannot figure out what it is that is annoyingly weird about her.  ‘You live near here as well then huh? oh Hi MRS WELLINGTON’, she shouted out ‘YOUR HAIR LOOKS GORGEOUS BY THE WAY’ ‘ Thank you Abbi darling’ an old lady who was across the road shouted back. The annoyingly weird girl ran over to the old lady and gave her a kiss on the cheek. The old lady handed her a flower that she picked from her garden. The annoyingly weird girl crossed the road and continued walking with Kevin. She put the flower on her hair behind her left ear. She kept on talking, half of the time Kevin did not follow what she was saying. He wondered how she can talk this much,be happy and spread happiness all the time.Days passed, weeks passed, months passed…she stayed the same and he wondered the same.

‘Come to the town hospital, she wants to see you’. He read the text he got from one of his classmates over and over again. He did not want to go to the hospital. He did not know what to do. He has never been so confused in his life; not when both his parents passed away in an accident on his 4th birthday, not when he moved in with his uncle aunt and cousin, not when he became the heir and became responsibe to his dads millions of employees. He is  confused, angry and upset. He never thought he could feel various emotions at once. Before he knew, he was standing outside the hospital room, outside Abbi’s room. He didnt want to go in. He didnt want to see Abbi lying there in a hospital room filled with flowers and cards all around her, fighting Cancer with the strongest weapon: her smile. She looked very fragile. Cancer had eaten her whole body alive. But her smile remained untouched. She reached her hand over to him. Kevin went and sat beside her. Tears started rolling down his cheeks. Holding her hands, he looked at Abbi with his eyes full of tears and asked her ‘Can we start over?’. She smiled and said ‘this is the first time I ever heard you speak’. With a very weak voice she continued, ‘start over again Kevin, world is not such a bad place,…live on,…for you and for me’.

Kevin let go of her hand, so she can go where she belongs to and start over there, being happy and  spreading happiness around the people in her new world. He walked out of that room, smiling, saying to himself ‘there definitely is something weird about her’


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