Meeting Confidence

Ok so I thought I’d do something wise with the time I have instead of watching another ‘chickflick’ or resisting the dark temptation of activating FB again. This led way to my best friend’s door step: Google. I knocked on his door with  ‘essay tips’ at first. meh not a good knock. It soon was replaced by another knock :’how to be confident’ . Google, being such a painful sweetheart opened his wide doors and welcomed me with a lot of hits. Read through some tips on ‘how to become confident’ and then boredom started knocking on my door:S.  So I thought instead of reading what other people wrote on confidence, why dont i write about confidence myself and be confident about this confidence. Confusing? It will only get worse 😉
So yeah, Confidence, where do we start? It was a long, long and long journey for me and confidence. I’m not sure if Confidence found me or I found confidence. But somehow we met each other a few times over the last few years and we did have our moments, I must admit.Confidence made me this person I am today. A person who is confident in her skin, in her beauty, in her ability, in her public speaking, in her relationships…you tell ’em Confidence! It even got me on stage doing Anchoring for over 10 times. Now, me? Anchoring? That is confidence, literally! It wouldnt have happened If it wasnt for my beloved Confidence (along with his partner Nervousness).
I guess, its impossible to hit Google’s door to find and meet Confidence. Either Confidence will find you or you will find Confidence when the time is right. And when you do, I guess you have to acknowledge the existence of Confidence and not be disgustingly modest. Damn my lovely Confidence must’ve been hurt when people complimented  me and I dismissed those compliments. Sorry Confidence. Hope you wont take it to heart and i hope you continue to accompany me in accomplishing my dreams. I love you Confidence!
Your True Friend


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