Cheating Coins

I was thinking of documenting this experience of mine for quite some time. Because I’m a very hardworking employee of the marvelous ‘Lazy World’, I didnt get around to doing it. Ok so the story starts when I contemplated on cutting my hair for almost 2 years now. Not a simple cut but a life threatening cut. For all the girls out there, at some point we believed or were made to believe that a girl’s beauty is defined by her hair. Same for me! I’ve never been the girly girl type who was bothered (or knew!) to do something beautiful with my hair or take care of it. But my hair was always nice to me and never gave me any trouble. It stayed smooth, straight, silky, and,it seems boastful to say this but was perfect in every ways.

In order to have a change, break off my eagle beak to be ‘stronger’ (referring to the eagle’s story) and also due to my ‘best employee of the Lazy World’ title, I decided to get a graduated cut. From shoulder length to hardly no hair at all? Now thats a change!!

I was convinced that I was going to regret it. I asked, family, friends, strangers, bin men,…god knows how many people about this cutting-off-my-beak idea. The ‘Oh No’s’ and ‘dont you dare’s’ were flowing from every direction. My annoying indecisiveness always makes me do the coin flipping and this was no different case. I must have flipped the coin for more than 100 times. No exaggeration there. And it always gave me the tail=no cutting/I will regret. I went to get the appointment from my hair dresser anyways. Unsurprisingly, she joined the others and asked me to think about it (!). She gave me an appointment for the following week and asked me let her know if I change my mind. It was Wednesday the 6th of March. I mentally prepared others for this as I failed to do that for myself. I walked in to the salon and I swear the look on the stylist’s face was like she saw a walking apple pie since she was not expecting me to turn up.

To cut the long story short, I cut my long hair short. Its been nearly a month and the interesting bit is that I dont regret it one bit. Infact, I love it. So the moral of the story is that sometimes you have to ignore your family and friends’ opinions, ignore the cheating coins, even the hair dresser…..and just go for it. The eagle goes through the painful process of cutting off his old beak to have a new beak. That is exactly what we have to go through to have a stronger, different, and of course more attractive beak 😉Image


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