A girl with passion for her dreams and compassion for those around her!

Irrespective of where she is from, how she looks like, what age she is, which ethnicity or religion she belongs to; she is a girl – a girl with passion and compassion. Being a girl, it sure is hard for her. She has her dreams that she wants to pursue but the compassion she has for her family, friends, or lover may make it hard for her to pursue her dreams and wishes. What if her dreams involve leaving everyone? How can she do that? She would feel that she is selfish, she will hurt everyone and that everyone needs her. Consequently, she would abandon her dreams and choose the people around her. They will become her dream, her passion and compassion. If you see a woman who is compassionate about her family or others around her, don’t forget that she once was or still is a girl with passion for her dreams. She altered her dreams due to her compassion for those who she loves.


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