Me and my 3 Best Friends

This is my story of my 3 best friends. We were friends for life. We laughed together, played together and lived together. My best friends were called ‘Self Control’, ‘Peer Pressure’ and ‘Drugs’. They all were unique and different in their own ways. Self Control has always been caring and timid, Peer Pressure is bossy but classy, and last but not least, Drugs, she was a bit intimidating with her extroverted attitude in life. Like all friendships, our friendships had quite a lot of tension as well. Whenever I was friends with Self Control, Peer Pressure always got jealous. Peer Pressure always wanted me to follow Drugs, like she does. But I loved all of them so it was hard for me to choose.

Once, there came a day when I had to choose. I don’t know why, but they all had a fight. Drugs and Peer Pressure were on one side and Self Control on the other. I had to choose they said. I was so scared. Self Control who was nice and on her own or the other 2 who are famous. How do I do this? But then, eventually, I gave it in, I did choose. I felt bad but I thought the fame I’m going to get will compensate my guilty feelings inside.

I can’t lie. It felt so good to be famous. I had a lot of friends. If I were to go with Self control, it would’ve been just me and her + I would have had a lot of enemies. I think Self Control understood that because she didn’t hold any grudges against me. Instead, she always smiled at me when we passed by.

Days passed, weeks passed, months passed,,,like how the trees were losing their leaves one by one during fall, I was losing my ‘friends’ too. I haven’t done anything and I didn’t know why they were all leaving me. They said I’m ugly. I was hurt. Real hurt. I did not have anyone by my side. I cried to sleep everyday. Then, one day, Self Control came over to me. She didn’t say anything. She just stood beside me. It all became clear to me then. It was all Peer Pressure and Drugs’ doing. I don’t know what they done to me but I lost everything I had because of them. I embraced Self Control as I realised who my real friend was all this time. She gave me the courage to say ‘no’ to Peer pressure and Drugs who weren’t my best friends as I thought they were and accept my life as it is.
Ps: Forgive me for any errors or ambiguity. Didnt get enough time to put a lot of effort into it. All credits to Mr Joe for giving me the thought provoking topic


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