The Strangers..The heroes

Whether we are taking a walk down the street or running down to the shop to get some junkies, or going for work,,we see a lot of people passing by. They are the ‘Strangers’ we meet. These strangers we often meet are nothing but ‘ordinary’ people just like us. Sadly, a  ‘hiya’ or a little smile is something that none of us can afford in this society currently. Consequently, we fail to give these strangers a smile and a hello. The negative effect of this is that we are losing out on these ‘strangers’ who could be  inspiring heroes full of life, smiles and stories. Give them a hi, a smile, a compliment,,what you get in return might even be the greatest lesson/experience you might cherish for ever. I’m saying it because I’ve been there.
Smiling widely and saying ‘hi’ to everyone I meet out there, even the little birds and dogs. You never know, I might learn a thing or two from them as well. Lessons all the way man 😉


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