Endless Love

I needed some major distraction from my work that is due in tomorrow. And so I opened my old journals and found some things I jotted down ages ago. I really liked one in particular as it brought a lot of memories back. I guess I can put it up here for anyone who is interested in having a little nosy.

The first one is titled ‘Endless Love’. I wrote this when I was on placement in an elderly care setting. This is about 2 best friends who were around 85. The lady was residing in this setting and was unable to talk or communicate her feelings. She was  also diagnosed with dementia. She had a best friend named ‘Bill’. Bill used to visit her EVERY single day bringing her flowers or cakes. Bill told me that there was nothing between them and they were good friends. But the staff there believed that Bill might have loved this lovely lady. So here goes the few words I wrote down back then in order to remind myself of these 2 special characters after some years

Endless Love
No matter how many years its been, I will still look
at you the same way I used to look at you 40 years ago
The eyes that taught me to look at the world with hope
will still be the brightest stars in my sky
Days passed, months passed, years passed;
Yet the love I have for you remains untouched!

-Your bestest friend Bill

I don’t know what I can call these words. But these few words were used for myself to be reminded of the unconditional and selfless loves this gentleman had for that lovely woman irrespective of her current condition or for not accepting Bill’s love in the past. One can only wish to be like this gentleman!


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