The Scorpio in me!

Decided to collect some ‘Scorpio facts’ that are true in my case!

  1. I am a #Scorpio because I have one opinion and it cannot be changed.(No comments required!)
  2. A #Scorpio will give you several chances but once they turn their back they never look back.(Sadly, its true!)
  3. #Scorpio is often reserved and a little unsure of their place within a group at first, often observing instead of speaking(sigh!)
  4. A #Scorpio at first may look quiet and serious. This gives them the wrong impression of being unapproachable.(So I’ve been told!)
  5. #Scorpio‘s are the most loyal people till you cross them. Then they become your worst nightmare!(Watch out yous 😉
  6. #Scorpio‘s have an extraordinary memory and will not forget a thing you say.. Be careful (True that!)
  7. #Scorpio‘s are very independent people.(Annoyingly yes!)
  8. If a #Scorpio tells you a secret consider yourself extremely fucking special.(Ha!)
  9. When a #Scorpio speaks from the heart, it’s more beautiful than any love song you’ve ever heard.(Is what I’ve been told :/)
  10. #Scorpio‘s are very protective of our loved ones.(Extremely!)
  11. A #Scorpio won’t ask you for anything unless they absolutely need you and don’t have any means of doing it without your help.(Guilty!)
  12. A #Scorpio attracts anything and anyone different.(Believe that!)
  13. #Scorpio‘s have very deep minds and it’s very hard to get inside of them. If you do, you wont understand anyways.(Shall say this to my other half!)
  14. #Scorpio‘s are very good listeners and give great advice (I pride myself with these tbh)
  15. You may not know it or even see it but #Scorpio is always suspicious of everyone and everything.(Guilty again!)
  16. When a #Scorpio female gets mad, she throws and breaks things.(including legs!)
  17. #Scorpio girls can be a little tomboyish.(Ha and Ha you bitches!)
  18. #Scorpio can understand you just from looking deep into your eyes. (Trust you child!)
  19. #Scorpio is good at solving emotional problems, just not theirs (bleuk!)
  20. #Scorpio‘s have trust issues. They trust nearly no one. (soz peeps!)
  21. It’s easy to tell a #Scorpio your secret and almost impossible to make them tell theirs.(Proud to say that I’m no longer like this!)
  22. #Scorpio are hot-tempered and often slightly selfish. However, they are staunch friends and excellent lovers.(My life explained in 14/15 words!)
  23. #Scorpio knows how to please.(Oh yes I do!)
  24. #Scorpio‘s are observant.(Very!)
  25. Although you might think you know a #Scorpio, you definitely will not know them 100%, they pride themselves on mystery.(I actually do!)

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