“I’m All right”!

Ok so this is about this little man, who must have been around 3 (May be even younger than that!). He was riding his scooter thing. His dad and older sister were with him too. I noticed him from far away when me and my middle sister were walking back home . He had this adorable helmet  and glasses. When we went nearby he accidentally fell off his scooter thing {Men eh?;)}. I automatically went ‘Oh’. Before anyone asked him if he was ok he said ‘I’m al right’. Me and his dad asked him if he was ok. He got up on his feet and said again ‘I’m al right’. I smiled at him and said ‘You’re ok’
This little man made me and my sister laugh and say ‘He is so cute’. But in all seriousness, this little man taught me that its ok to fall down as long as you get up on your feet and say to the world and everyone around you that you’re all right. I hope I remember this gorgeous man when I fall down next.

Virtual kisses to the hero!


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