Harry Starrett

Harry Starrett, the 6 year old gorgeous boy, must have kissed his mum goodbye like every other time before he left to his grandpa’s,,,his siblings must have called out ‘Bye Harry’ whilst their father was driving their eldest brother to their grandfather’s house, his father must have warned him to be good and to have fun. His mum probably didn’t know that it was going to be the last kiss from her little boy, his father and his siblings never even in their wildest dreams must have thought that it was going to be the last time they would be waving him goodbye.

Whilst the Royal family is celebrating the arrival of the royal baby, this family in Armagh is mourning the unexpected death of their lovely 6 year old boy. Birth and Death are not unusual things in this world. However, when you hear about the cruel fate of a 6 year old boy,,,you cant help but curse life for being a bitch and taking away what he deserved more than anything!

Thoughts and heart goes out to the Starrett family and of course to the brave boy who is up in heaven enjoying the heavenly company of others. I hope you spread your happy and contagious smile up in heaven


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