Shadow’s weep

Ok this was another request from someone who was very eager to know what my previous blog entailed.He was also the one who ‘LOL’ed at his work after knowing my previous blog’s title :/
Shadow’s Weep

I’ve been born as a nobody to you
No matter where you go, I always follow you
I was there when you first entered this world
And I’ll be there when you leave this place

I was there when you learnt to walk,
I was there when you first stood on your feet
You screamed at me, scolded me,
and complained to your mum that I was following you
You were scared of me, ashamed of my presence
But I never stopped following you
When you were going through your lowest
I followed you quietly
Whenever you felt lonely and needed someone by your side
you didn’t see me standing behind you
When you were scared and sad
I followed you saying I was there

Let me ask you something though,
If one day, I suddenly disappear out of your world
Would you really care?
Would your world still be the same?

The ultimate truth, however, is
Even if you do everything to get rid of me
I won’t and can’t let go of you
Because I am and will always be your shadow!



2 thoughts on “Shadow’s weep

  1. I just read this and what is stated is very true… its like no matter what we do, our shadow will always be there even at the lowest and faded light…. or could it be something God give us all to show that we are all special and not accidental even our shadows are soo beautiful..,.. n no matter who you are, if u r white or black or brown, shadows are always there, shadows just need us and light and no money or talent or nothing can change our shadows..

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