‘Archie do you know what I like about you?’ ‘Nothing’!

So, I travel about 20 miles everyday in the horrendous traffic to do sessions with my young people in a behavioural school. Now, behavioural school was not something I was familiar with till I started this job. As the term suggests, it’s a school for kids with behavioural issues who are unable to cope with the main stream schools. Almost all of them are young offenders.

Since I’m pretty much a regular here, most of the kids who go here know me pretty well and I’ve got 5 of my own young people who attend this school. Some on the other hand, look at me with me a raised eyebrow probably wondering why there is a random lady with a Barnardos badge turning up at school every day. Among one of them was this boy named Jack* (not his real name*). Jack was of a peculiar character. If he’s not coming with rude comments, he will be rapping out aloud to some tunes. Staff always seem to be having a ‘fun’ time with him trying to get him to listen to instructions.

Anyways, I put on my Monday best his morning, get into my car and Drive over to the school to have a session with one of my YP. The usual chit-chat with the school staff takes place whilst I was waiting for my YP. Jack, who was having a one-to-one session with his key worker turns around and asks me ‘Archie, do you know what I like about you?

<whattt??? Does he really know my name? Aww he likes something about me!!!!!>

Me: what?

Jack: Nothing


Jack: ‘do you want to hear a joke?’

Me: ‘yes!’

Jack: ‘look in the mirror’.

Me: hahahahahaha

Jack’s key worker: ‘please don’t encourage him Archie’

Me: more hahahahaha

I don’t know his story…he doesn’t know my story; he made a joke and I laughed out loud! He seemed pretty pleased about it.

Behavioural issues or not, he made someone’s day.

untitled (5)

<Seeing young people rightly for who they are not for what they do wrong>


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