#Abseiling #Fundraising #Barnardos #Believeinchildren

I guess I have not written anything for a looong while. Life, work and laziness take a loot of my time. I have been up to something good (could be bad!) though. Myself and my dearest friends and colleagues have signed up and received places for an abseiling that raises money for the amazing Children’s charity we are working for-Barnardos.

For the past one year and a bit, I’ve been privileged to work for this amazing organisation that I have always loved and believed in. Barnardos was founded by Dr Thomas Barnardos years and years ago. Learning about Dr Barnardos and how he developed his passion to help the most vulnerable children served as an inspiration to find my first job as a newly qualified social worker at Barnardos.

At Barnardo’s, we believe in children regardless of their gender, race, disability, behaviour or circumstances. Whatever the issue, from drug misuse to disability; youth crime to mental health; sexual abuse to domestic violence; poverty to homelessness; Barnardo’s believe we can bring out the best in every child. We are passionate about helping more vulnerable children out there and although me and the girls have reached our set target within less than a week, we are passionate about raising more for the kids we are working with or could be working with in the future. If anyone out there is interested in helping us out, please click on the link below and contribute towards the charity. Any form of donation will be very much appreciated.


By donating to Barnardo’s you can be part of this support and help provide funding for various projects across Scotland.

In return from your donation, I will be abseiling from the Forth Rail Bridge with my good friends and colleagues.

Thank you.

Here’s an idea of what your money could provide:

£5 – can provide books for 3-5 year olds, which are essential for early learning.
£10 – could supply materials for a healthy eating cookery session for young carers.
£25 – can pay for toys and games for play therapy sessions for a child who has been abused.
£30 – could pay for a young carer to enjoy a day out to the cinema or bowling.
£50 – can allow a child to get involved in confidence-building activities such as sport, art or drama for a day.
£130 – could hire a minibus for a group of disabled children to go out
for the day.
£450 – could pay for a year’s supply of emergency toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and soap for a project working with homeless young people.


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