The problems pizza causes

Some say marriage is a true test of patience. I say no you are wrong- husbands who make their lazy wives go out on a cold, wet and dark night and make em walk are the truest test of patience and a direct descendant of devil himself. Me and the said person head out to the city of Stirling for a celebratory meal. I held my ground till 8 so all the restaurants were full and we settle for a take away pizza He parks the car faaaar away and makes me walk (!!!!) through the cold cold streets of Stirling thats beauty is covered by the dark dark night.

We go up a narrow, poorly lit and people-less cobbled path. I spot the first homeless man and I put my head down knowing whats coming next. (Live in the country side and miss all the homeless people: Archana -1 Universe- 0. Go to the city for celebratory meal and I will show you what youve been missing: Universe- 1 Archana- 0)

We head up the street, and see another homeless man and then another one and then another and then another one in the space of a minute. Great.

We also find a pizza place, goes in, puts in an order, told to wait 15 mins and the devils descendant makes the lazy lady walk around the same freaking place AGAIN. Amazing.

We pass by the 1st homeless guy, the 2nd, the 3rd…”Have a good night”….Sterry walks back a few steps and gives the ‘polite homeless man’ some spare….and the 4th.

We go back in after 15 mins and decided to eat our pizza there. I cut up the rest of the pizza slices and looks up at my partner who was contemplating having cold pizza the next morning, with a smile and a half-sorry look.

On our way out Sterry full heartedly agrees to give some slices to the people sitting outside. We pass by the 1st man who was sitting near a pub. I hesitate. I make up an excuse not to go to him and walk on. I see the next man, offers him a slice, and the third and the fourth. I walk down the street carrying 2 pieces of left over pizza for my man to devour the next day and head filled with satisfaction that these guys accepted my pizza offer. Just before they go out of my sight, I take a sneaky look back and see one of them still eating the pizza. Dopamine running high and all smiles. But then a wave a thought occurs: ‘you offered a pizza slice to 3 men on the street. Pretty amazing thing. You go girl!!! But erm….there kinda was another man…who did not get a slice…erm…ok…right…shit…great….well done man well done….you handpicked the men who were worthy of getting a pizza slice’

In a world where theres plently of homeless individuals and others in need…there will be plenty of compassionate people whod want to help. But its still a game of survival of the fittest and politics. I offered 3 men a slice of pizza but for the 1st one, i offered him a subconscious excuse: ‘you are sitting near a pub, you will get more collections and I also saw you getting a cigarette of someone earlier on so you are not worthy of a slice’


Causing problems since day 1!!!


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