Challenge of the day

Cold rainy day, early morning blood test appointment, greasy hair…I don’t know which is worse. As I arrive 15 mins early for my appointment, I think of the challenge my other half has demanded of me- get myself a coffee on the way back. Sat in the car for a minute trying to figure out whether to nip down before the appointment to save time or go afterwards. Decided to go afterwards due to my irrational fear of being late even though cafe was right next door and I was 14 minutes early. Mask on, I pressed the buzzer for the reception; they let me in upon answering ‘no’ to cough and all the other enquired covid symptoms. As I entered the door, I seen a man waiting to exit..I tiredly smile through my mask, he greets me and I melt. I go  in and get pricked a few times but I dont fret cause of 2 sweet words a sweet random man said: ‘hi sweetheart’

Disclaimer: I never did complete today’s challenge but indeed completed yesterdays: write a blog post.


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