Backpacking across Asia part 1

Its been a week since we left home in UK seeking snippet views of a few handpicked countries in Asia that we have always fantasized about. Having covered 3 countries so far, living out of a backpack weighing 6.9kg or our inablity to verbally communicate were not the major challenges we encountered; the hardest challenge yet for me has been keeping up with the intensity of the experiences and the ‘moments’ each countries offer. For a person whose biggest insecurity is her memories, I find myself desperately trying to capture every corner of the places we visit through cameras and retrospectively record every feeling in my travel journal.

When planning our trip or hearing ‘this is once in a lifetime opportunity’ from family and friends when they eventually found out, I held my ground and kept my emotions in check. ‘My lack of enthusiasm’ may have confused a few but it wasn’t that I wasn’t enthused about the trip but rather my superstitious or anxious self took the better of me about not wanting to ‘jinx’ the trip (I know!) as it indeed was going to be a once-in-a-life-time trip.

When we go high and low looking for authentic places in each country, meet more kind people than unkind people on the way, indulge in delicious and sometimes unusual local delicacies; I find myself bargaining with time to give me one more second. Just one more second to soak it all in. But time is fair but unfair as some say. So I don’t get one more second. All I get is a camera to take pictures, a pen to write down the experiences and the heart to take in as much as I can.

The Japanese have a tradition that when they finish work, they go to the exit door, turn around and bow their head for a few seconds with utmost respect showing gratitude for their job. And Chinese believe that every person they meet are the ones they are destined to meet to bring something to their lives. As I enter each country, I will be on the lookout to meet kind faces that I’m destined to meet and as I exit, I will remember to bow my head in respect to say ‘thanks for this once in a life time opportunity’.

I had a dream

So I had a dream lastnight.

And unlike Martin Luther king, I dreamt about travelling to space along with my husband on a banana boat. 

Now, to get yourself going, you just have to get thrown up in the air (no trouble!). So the journey is long and tricky and it takes days to travel through the dark empty sky on a banana boat. But we presevere. And at one point, i look up and see trillions of stars up above. I look at my husband and say ‘Im so grateful that you are here’. And the next thing we know is that we are starting to float in the air. Gravitys lost (!). Loving every moment of it till the moment is finished and we are back on earth in a dark shady corner. 

A lady in white coat (insert wtf*) tells us my parents were in the space ahead of us and they will be around looking for us. We decide to get ourselves back up in the air on the banana boat lets not forget. Off we go again. Same journey. Same outcome.

After a few times, we end up indulging in a lot of rather unusual but apparently necessary rituals to get ourselves back up in the air. This involves a horse biting someones looong bundle of hair and then me taking the hair bundle off its mouth, circling it and throwing it up in the air(insert wtf* x 2).

‘Are you getting up?’ I hear the voice of my space voyage partner at 6am and my space journey comes to an end.

I will never know what happened after i threw the hair in the air but lets just hope that we ended up in space and reunited with my parents.

The end.

‘You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you will join us

And the world will be as one’

A new day, a new answer to my predicament.


Its dark, its cold,

And your life is on hold.

Muscles hurt, brain is frozen,

And you want to stay in bed for a reason.

Just a little bit more,

I’d wake up in 5

And it will be a new day,

A new start.

An answer to my predicament.

But hey,

That aint how it goes

I aint a snoozer

I dont wanna be a looser.

Hurt those muscles more,

Unfreeze the brain to the core, 

Put your reason to stay in bed on hold, 

And it will be a new day,

A new start,

An answer to my predicament. 

#Abseiling #Fundraising #Barnardos #Believeinchildren

I guess I have not written anything for a looong while. Life, work and laziness take a loot of my time. I have been up to something good (could be bad!) though. Myself and my dearest friends and colleagues have signed up and received places for an abseiling that raises money for the amazing Children’s charity we are working for-Barnardos.

For the past one year and a bit, I’ve been privileged to work for this amazing organisation that I have always loved and believed in. Barnardos was founded by Dr Thomas Barnardos years and years ago. Learning about Dr Barnardos and how he developed his passion to help the most vulnerable children served as an inspiration to find my first job as a newly qualified social worker at Barnardos.

At Barnardo’s, we believe in children regardless of their gender, race, disability, behaviour or circumstances. Whatever the issue, from drug misuse to disability; youth crime to mental health; sexual abuse to domestic violence; poverty to homelessness; Barnardo’s believe we can bring out the best in every child. We are passionate about helping more vulnerable children out there and although me and the girls have reached our set target within less than a week, we are passionate about raising more for the kids we are working with or could be working with in the future. If anyone out there is interested in helping us out, please click on the link below and contribute towards the charity. Any form of donation will be very much appreciated.

By donating to Barnardo’s you can be part of this support and help provide funding for various projects across Scotland.

In return from your donation, I will be abseiling from the Forth Rail Bridge with my good friends and colleagues.

Thank you.

Here’s an idea of what your money could provide:

£5 – can provide books for 3-5 year olds, which are essential for early learning.
£10 – could supply materials for a healthy eating cookery session for young carers.
£25 – can pay for toys and games for play therapy sessions for a child who has been abused.
£30 – could pay for a young carer to enjoy a day out to the cinema or bowling.
£50 – can allow a child to get involved in confidence-building activities such as sport, art or drama for a day.
£130 – could hire a minibus for a group of disabled children to go out
for the day.
£450 – could pay for a year’s supply of emergency toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and soap for a project working with homeless young people.