Summer without my cherry blossom

The very thing that I kept admiring every morning and evening and what I looked forward to the most this summer had been “trimmed” to the core. Why? Because this cherry blosson tree stood in someones way and blocked the ‘sun’ while he was sitting out with his phone in his newly done patio area. He demanded the landlord to cut it down completely who tactfully negotiated to “trim” it down. Now, Im aware that he is entitled to enjoy being out in the sun on his phone just like how im entitled to enjoy a cherrry blossom tree out of my window. What upsets me is that he values his money, his sun and his enjoyment over a tiny tree that took years to grow. Saddest thing? He is not on his own. We will continue to complain about the snow, the climate change and global warming..but the reality is when it comes to our own innocent tree will be cut, for yours, mine and his sake!!


Picture without a title but with a story.

According to the Millenilnial Child Standard, I should just title this image as ‘hill walks be like’ and save people from the ‘story’
But I’m not going to. Ima come off the ‘incognito’ and tell you the story behind the picture instead, without the ‘mayfair’ or ‘gingham’ filter ofcourse.
Firstmost, introduction. I’m Archana- a sober-ish millenial from digital/social media addiction. What it means?
I tried burrittos for the first time yesterday and made a trek down to ‘Devils Pulpit’ .
My husband and bestfriend surprised me with a trip to Sweden and a reunion respectively.
Ive been taking up indian classical lessons for some time.
Ive been working with pre/post bereaved children and families in a hospice.
Ive started a 10 month project called ‘Little smiles’ for children from Indian community in Edinburgh.
I’m organising a social club for older people in my rural community.

I didnt put up a pic of my burritos, nor a story of the talented musicians from Swedish streets. I also didnt tell any of yous the real story.

Burritos? Hated it! Sweden? Taveled 14 hrs on a train to see my best friend, worth every minute I spent with her.
Classical dance? Still stuck but i turn up everyweek regardless. Little smiles? Scares me how fragile kids of immigrant families are in this society. Social club? So freaking slow to get it started. Hospice? I froze when a granny I work with introduced me to her daughter whos a patient at our hospice by her name.

Its easier to ‘title’ pictures and not tell the stories behind them without filters. Ive been a hypocrite over the past few months whos been desperately studying peoples failures and successes but have been hiding mine from others. Will try not to do that anymore. So heres goes the first one:

My husband forced me to buy this ridiculous walking shoes yesterday. We made a summit to the top of ‘Dumyat’ mountain this morning in these regardless of blisters and hail stones. Treat? The view at the top. But im not going to show you how amazing it looked at the top. Because, thats something you should experience yourself. But I also dont want to not tell you about it so im putting up this picture of my ridiculous walking shoes.

A new day, a new answer to my predicament.


Its dark, its cold,

And your life is on hold.

Muscles hurt, brain is frozen,

And you want to stay in bed for a reason.

Just a little bit more,

I’d wake up in 5

And it will be a new day,

A new start.

An answer to my predicament.

But hey,

That aint how it goes

I aint a snoozer

I dont wanna be a looser.

Hurt those muscles more,

Unfreeze the brain to the core, 

Put your reason to stay in bed on hold, 

And it will be a new day,

A new start,

An answer to my predicament.