Non-titled post 

I’m not giving any titles to this post as no title would be appropriate for the confusing, complicated and perhaps inevitable thoughts that come with that one dreadful word that I can’t keep away from: ‘Life’.


Four simple, straightforward letters.

But the meaning?

Not so simple or straightforward is it?

Now, I know when I was given Life,

But I know not when I started living Life.

Is it time, is it age, ot is it the stages that signifies Life?

Or the feelings that you know of or not know of?

The questions I can never find answers to,

The answers I can never find satisfaction with,

Makes me feel lost of the very same dreaded word.

I breath.

I see.

I feel

And I learn

But that’s not all what Life is, is it?

I dream

I yearn

I try

And I wish

Then again, that’s not all there is, is it?

I must surrender

To the Four simple, straightforward letter,

That does not ever give me a simple, straightforward definition.

To Life,



Shadow’s weep

Ok this was another request from someone who was very eager to know what my previous blog entailed.He was also the one who ‘LOL’ed at his work after knowing my previous blog’s title :/
Shadow’s Weep

I’ve been born as a nobody to you
No matter where you go, I always follow you
I was there when you first entered this world
And I’ll be there when you leave this place

I was there when you learnt to walk,
I was there when you first stood on your feet
You screamed at me, scolded me,
and complained to your mum that I was following you
You were scared of me, ashamed of my presence
But I never stopped following you
When you were going through your lowest
I followed you quietly
Whenever you felt lonely and needed someone by your side
you didn’t see me standing behind you
When you were scared and sad
I followed you saying I was there

Let me ask you something though,
If one day, I suddenly disappear out of your world
Would you really care?
Would your world still be the same?

The ultimate truth, however, is
Even if you do everything to get rid of me
I won’t and can’t let go of you
Because I am and will always be your shadow!


Archie you’re silly, Magic does not exist!

Someone very coldly and confidently said to me, ‘Archie you’re silly, magic does not exist!. The expert was right about one thing,Archie is silly but not about magic. Because, magic exists,,it exists just like the wind, the rain and the universe.

Magic is when you meet someone you never expected to meet and falling in love with that person,
Magic is when you see a new-born baby being born in to this big wide world.
Magic is in laughter and in pain; in the sun than makes you smile and in the rain that soothes your pain
Magic is when you see children fighting for their share
and when you see couples showing their care
Magic is everywhere; it is happiness, in pain, in suffering, in depression
In every possible human emotion one might experience

And of course, explaining what magic is  to the 5 year old who says
‘Archie, you’re silly, there’s no magic’
With a smile and “You’re right”
is indeed magic!