I’m more than his Alien!

He suggested that we watch Martian and that I’d like it. I agreed, rather reluctantly. Whilst watching the movie, I asked him if he’d ever like to go to Mars. He said yes, to which I asked him ‘then why don’t you?. He said he’d need immense amount of training and knowledge to be able to go there, to which I asked him ‘why don’t you?’. He took his eyes off the screen, looked at me and said ‘I’m actually happy on earth’. I smiled and said ‘because you’ve got your alien here! ‘You’re more than an alien’

Life’s little moments.

Talking to a friend made me realise that I’ve been soooooooo busy recently. So busy that I forget to write down the little moments of life, remember these moments later on, celebrate and cherish them. You get so copped up with life that you don’t have enough hours in the day to read a book that you like, do a self-less good deed once a month or to tell your loved one why you appreciate them being in your life. Laziness, refusal to be out of your comfort zone or just plain inability to appreciate or celebrate life’s little moments all could be the reason.

But I refuse to be like this.

Ima start enjoying life’s little moments again and celebrate them cause, quite frankly, life is amazing!

Here’s to life and to the friend who reminded me of this!


‘Archie do you know what I like about you?’ ‘Nothing’!

So, I travel about 20 miles everyday in the horrendous traffic to do sessions with my young people in a behavioural school. Now, behavioural school was not something I was familiar with till I started this job. As the term suggests, it’s a school for kids with behavioural issues who are unable to cope with the main stream schools. Almost all of them are young offenders.

Since I’m pretty much a regular here, most of the kids who go here know me pretty well and I’ve got 5 of my own young people who attend this school. Some on the other hand, look at me with me a raised eyebrow probably wondering why there is a random lady with a Barnardos badge turning up at school every day. Among one of them was this boy named Jack* (not his real name*). Jack was of a peculiar character. If he’s not coming with rude comments, he will be rapping out aloud to some tunes. Staff always seem to be having a ‘fun’ time with him trying to get him to listen to instructions.

Anyways, I put on my Monday best his morning, get into my car and Drive over to the school to have a session with one of my YP. The usual chit-chat with the school staff takes place whilst I was waiting for my YP. Jack, who was having a one-to-one session with his key worker turns around and asks me ‘Archie, do you know what I like about you?

<whattt??? Does he really know my name? Aww he likes something about me!!!!!>

Me: what?

Jack: Nothing


Jack: ‘do you want to hear a joke?’

Me: ‘yes!’

Jack: ‘look in the mirror’.

Me: hahahahahaha

Jack’s key worker: ‘please don’t encourage him Archie’

Me: more hahahahaha

I don’t know his story…he doesn’t know my story; he made a joke and I laughed out loud! He seemed pretty pleased about it.

Behavioural issues or not, he made someone’s day.

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<Seeing young people rightly for who they are not for what they do wrong>