Much dreaded day of the year!

A much dreaded day is coming up for me. My birthday. A day that causes stress in me, my family and friends. This year though, instead of getting gifts, cards, messages and money, I decided to do something different. Below here are some of the causes that I believe in. It would mean the world to me, and make my day and my life so special if you can do any of these for me. Please do message me (privately) if you are able to do any of these, or your own thing if you’d like, and I will cherish that in my life forever.
Bring a box of chocolate to the local ambulance, fire station, A&E (or police station if you dare!)
Give motivational books, posters or materials to the local youth hostel near you. Alternatively, send me a donation for buying these things or send these things to me and I will personally deliver them to the local youth hostel that I work in.
Homeless people- 1, Give a fiver or tenner to a homeless person. 2, Create a care package with snacks, sandwiches, toiletries etc and give it to 5 homeless people. 3, Get to know a homeless person, get to know his/her circumstances and get him a sandwich of his choice for 4 weeks.
Donate money or clothes to your local Barnardos charity for children (or any children’s charity of your choice)
A donation for the older people’s cafe (LinkLiving)that I volunteer at (I will specify what the money will be used for later on).
Help elderly with their shopping.
Ask a shop assistant how his or her day has been.
If you have a grandparent who lives near you or with you, give him/her a hug and a kiss.
Leave a compliment under a young girls profile picture of herself.
Leave a note on your rubbish bin for the man/woman who collects your rubbish thanking them for their service.
Finally, if you are religious, say a little prayer for me to be always grateful for the life I have and blessings I have in life. And for my catholic friends and relatives, may be light a little candle or say a decade of rosary/divine mercy chaplet for me?
Thank you
I will be sure to have the best birthday this year!

The big sister I found in my little sister

Ok I think its about time I publish this. Its been hidden in my ‘private corner’ for so long

The catholic identity I have in me brought me to the regular Sunday mass today along with my father and my youngest sister. As usual I didn’t pay much attention to what the priest was saying. But I did pray during the offertory and received holy communion (I always do even if I don’t ever confess,,,that’s another story!) It was a simple mass. When it finished, I shook hands with the priest saying ‘Lovely mass father’.

Here comes my favourite part…hugging and saying ‘hi-hello’ to all me favourite people. First up was my younger sisters gorgeous friend from her primary school. Hugged, said hi-hello and moved on to the next person. Our ‘Irish-aunty’. This lady is so darn hilarious and is so darn special to all of us. Her hugs are the best, her jokes are mind blowing and her laughs are addictive. After the usual hug hi-hello thing, I bumped into another gorgeous lady who is in her mid 80s. She is lovely and gorgeous like a flower petal (that’s corny but what the hell). This lovely lady was the last in line. I ran towards me dads car. My younger sister, being the brat she is ran and got the passenger seat way before me (I always get the passenger seat :/). I sat at the back cursing her rather loudly. When we were waiting to get out of the church. We saw another one of our usual hug-victims passing by. She is from South Africa and lives here on her own. Unfortunately, her eye sight is getting deteriorated and she has one of those sticks to get by. When she was passing by,,it seemed like she was struggling a bit. I sat there thinking what I should do. I didn’t want to embarrass her or hurt her feelings by offering my help. When I was lost in my thoughts, I heard a voice saying “I’ll go help her”. The voice owner was none other than my baby sister. She asked my dad to stop the car and got out of the car. She held the woman’s hand and walked her to wherever she wanted to go. The feeling I experienced that moment was indescribable. She came back and sat on the passenger seat (Brat!). I asked her what she said to her and whether the lady was offended by what she done. To which she replied ‘ No! I just said to her that I thought I’ll give her some company and she said she was ok when she crossed the car park’. I couldn’t say anything to her.

Whatever good lessons I have learnt in my life,,,whatever skills I have gained,,,I’m always wanting to pass it on to her to make her a more better person than she already is. That moment when I saw her holding the lady’s hand and walking her over,,I thought to myself..that’s someone who truly puts others in front of herself. She does not care about her own discomfort or think about any ‘what if’s’ like I did. She done what she felt was the right thing to do.
I often wished for a big sister who I wanted to look up to and learn things from. I think I don’t have to wish that any more. I just found one in my little sister today!