Fighting social injustice in my dream

I struggled a little bit to get out of bed this morning. Why you ask? Oh its just because I was up saving lives in my dreams last night.

Dreams are a funny lil thang. They offer you entertainment, moral lessons, creepy feelings and sometimes leave you with feeling rather bewildered. This certainly was the case for me this morning with my dream from last night.

So…….. Myself, my 2 sisters, and someone else (might have been my cousin) were at a family/family friends’ house party that was right beside our house. We were all high school children and had an exam the next day (😐). In the tiny room that we were hanging out there was another girl who was of a similar age to us. She dressed differently and looked different from us. She had a scarf over head with some jewellery covering her forehead. One of my crew members got talking to her and learnt that she was from some part of Africa. The girl was taken away from her home and was forced to become someones bride. Her ‘prospective groom’ was somewhere in the house, a face that she might have never seen before and a man probably born atleat 15 or 20 years before she did.

When I got up to leave the house party and go back to my house (to do the revision I am sure :/), one of my crew members asked me ‘why dont you take ‘her’ with you as well?’

Nothing was said. We thought of well devised plans to sneak her out of the house through the back way without any adults seeing us. And we did. With great difficulty ofcourse (mainly because of her anklets that were really noisy). We gave her a big tub of celebrations for the road (that definitely would be plenty to last till Africa!). This took all night apparently and we ended up getting back home at 8ish the next morning (missing the exam ofcourse!).

We look over to the house next to us where the party was held and see that the celebrations lid was lying on the ground. We go into the house, and see our father standing in the hall way. I say to him that the exam was hard and walk away. He suspects nothing. Next thing I know, my middle sister who is not as talented as i am in lying or being sneaky says to him that she heard his friends new child bride got away with a tub of celebrations last night! 😑. He looks bewildered.

We go to our room. And i say we need to come up with our responses to this and learn the same thing so we wont say anything different to the adults.

Fast forward to the climax (or slow forward); its the 16th century where me and my sisters were dressed in white and head all shaven traveling in a vehicle to the house where the party was held. We were being punished because we were women who did something horrible?! 😑

They open the door and let us in. We see the girl we tried to rescue standing there. She got caught half way. They lock the door behind us. She smiles at us. And l smile back thinking dyamnnn we gonna have a goòd time here!!!.


1. Child marriage, exams, illtreatment towards women- Not acceptable to Archana Mathew.

2. Archana Mathew’s dreams should be made into movies and nominated for Oscar.

The End.

For real.


No title!

WARNING:  Graphic ***footage! **
It’s NOT NOT NOT for the faint heart’d!

My stomach churned as I watched this video! I’m gutted that there are people like these exist in this world! I’m also wondering whether they would be able to live normally after doing what they done to this child!
In a way. I’m glad that this child is now in a safe place where she doesn’t have to suffer any more because of inhumane and selfish behaviour of people!!
Rest in peace sweet thing!

The Strangers..The heroes

Whether we are taking a walk down the street or running down to the shop to get some junkies, or going for work,,we see a lot of people passing by. They are the ‘Strangers’ we meet. These strangers we often meet are nothing but ‘ordinary’ people just like us. Sadly, a  ‘hiya’ or a little smile is something that none of us can afford in this society currently. Consequently, we fail to give these strangers a smile and a hello. The negative effect of this is that we are losing out on these ‘strangers’ who could be  inspiring heroes full of life, smiles and stories. Give them a hi, a smile, a compliment,,what you get in return might even be the greatest lesson/experience you might cherish for ever. I’m saying it because I’ve been there.
Smiling widely and saying ‘hi’ to everyone I meet out there, even the little birds and dogs. You never know, I might learn a thing or two from them as well. Lessons all the way man 😉

What’s wrong with the world today?

Came across someone’s answer about whats wrong with this world these days. Couldnt have said it better myself. Copying and pasting the answer here. A little brutal it may be, but i feel like this is the closest anyone could get to. 


So, what is wrong with the world today?


Society: Are you under 100lbs?
Girl: No, but I’m happy.
Society: Is your hair down to your bum?
Girl: No, but I’m happy.
Society: Do you have huge boobs?
Girl: No, but…
Society: Do you have a perfect smile?
Girl: No…
Society: Do you realise how ugly you are? Do you know that no-one wants you?
Society: Wait… Where’d you go?
Society: You committed suicide?
Society: Omg, no! You were so beautiful and special and loved! You will be missed so much! 

No one cares unless you’re pretty or dying!

Unfortunately, this is true in many cases!