An infamous city with an uncompromising beauty and characteristics.
Picturesque canals,
touching history
and mesmerising architecture.
Her extraordinary beauty and her seductive characteristics-
Resemblance of a quirky, confident yet humble woman uncanny.
While entrapped in Amsterdam’s beauty,
the very same word kept circling my mind.
A visit to Anne Frank’s secret annexe of 2 years
entrenched me with the feeling that
The most powerful weapon for a woman is her Voice
A walk down the lane where her body does all the talking
Made me think that her body perhaps is more acknowledged than her voice.
It may (or may not) be her Choice that led her go behind the glass doors
A choice that young Anne frank certainly did not have.
But as I walked and locked eyes with the young women behind the glass doors
sharing a half smile, longing for one in return
and mentally offering apologies for being on the other side,
watching them like animals behind cages,
I also wondered,
As a woman,
would it be my voice or my choice of selfie that would be more appealing to one’s eyes.

Lets put the world back together, piece by piece

In the days that are filled with pain,
In the world that is filled with negativity,
Lest we forget,
Evil cant fight evil
Evil wont fight evil

Lets put the world back together,
Piece by piece

Spread a little positivity
Smile at someone,
Wave at a stranger,
Feed the homeless, or give a fiver
Open the door for elderly,
Help a mother with her shopping bags
Do your bit.

Lets put the world back together,
Piece by piece.

“I’m All right”!

Ok so this is about this little man, who must have been around 3 (May be even younger than that!). He was riding his scooter thing. His dad and older sister were with him too. I noticed him from far away when me and my middle sister were walking back home . He had this adorable helmet  and glasses. When we went nearby he accidentally fell off his scooter thing {Men eh?;)}. I automatically went ‘Oh’. Before anyone asked him if he was ok he said ‘I’m al right’. Me and his dad asked him if he was ok. He got up on his feet and said again ‘I’m al right’. I smiled at him and said ‘You’re ok’
This little man made me and my sister laugh and say ‘He is so cute’. But in all seriousness, this little man taught me that its ok to fall down as long as you get up on your feet and say to the world and everyone around you that you’re all right. I hope I remember this gorgeous man when I fall down next.

Virtual kisses to the hero!

The annoying guest in house

I don’t know about anyone else, but we often get unwanted visitors in our house: the annoying little flies. They buzz around and around and around trying to find an escape. But they never do. And then, very annoyingly, you will have to get up from your way too comfortable seat and go open the door wide open for them. And now, the most annoying part,,,even when the doors and windows are wide open,,,the fly will go around and around and around looking for the escape again. It sure is lost but stupid as well at the same time. And it will take someone to get a newspaper, hairdryer, wooden spoon,,,whatever it is that is available there to use and shoo away the fly from the room. In a way, us humans are like that as well. We often get lost, whether it’s in life, career, or in relationship. Hundreds of doors or windows might be open for us. Instead of getting out through the doors into the big lovely world, we go around and around and around, being stuck and lost, being frantic with worry and not being able to see the doors or windows. Someone will have to come along and get something to shoo as away. But what if that fly never gets noticed by someone, or what if no doors are opened? Is it going to be stuck there and not get out thinking that there’s no escape? I say in that instance that fly has to be reminded of the saying ‘If there is a will, there is a way’ and look for the way out.

What’s wrong with the world today?

Came across someone’s answer about whats wrong with this world these days. Couldnt have said it better myself. Copying and pasting the answer here. A little brutal it may be, but i feel like this is the closest anyone could get to. 


So, what is wrong with the world today?


Society: Are you under 100lbs?
Girl: No, but I’m happy.
Society: Is your hair down to your bum?
Girl: No, but I’m happy.
Society: Do you have huge boobs?
Girl: No, but…
Society: Do you have a perfect smile?
Girl: No…
Society: Do you realise how ugly you are? Do you know that no-one wants you?
Society: Wait… Where’d you go?
Society: You committed suicide?
Society: Omg, no! You were so beautiful and special and loved! You will be missed so much! 

No one cares unless you’re pretty or dying!

Unfortunately, this is true in many cases!