Archana, Archie, Arch, Achu, Achi…plenty a’ names. Part-time blog addict for 5 years. Guilty as charged. I update this every once in a while with things that I can look back on and keep track of the journey that I’m on with life.

Feel free to tag along with me on my journey to see how far I get to.

Story so far…

Born in Saudi, Grew up in Kerala & Northern Ireland.
Oldest of 3, 2 younger bearable sisters, favourite of mammy and daddy.

Married to a male version of me and living a happily ever after in Scotland.
Religion- Christian Catholic on paper but self proclaimed believer of every God and Goodness out there.

Profession-Social Work (also part-time wedding photographer)
Humanist, Feminist, and probably some other words ending with ‘ist’

Trying to be content with the little and big blessings in life and trying to give it back to life.


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