Its all about me and my facial hair

So, Ive been supporting a 5 year old rather intelligent and recently bereaved young boy for over 4 months. His mum had recently died after battling cancer for almost all her life. I met him twice before his mum died. He wasnt shy about showing his apprehension in meeting me then and expressing an understandable reluctance in talking to me about his feelings about mummys death.

After nearly 2 months after his mums death, him and his primary carer granny came to meet me. I was pleased to see him, being a social worker and all that, I knelt down and bent down to his eye level. When saying hello and bladdy-bladdy to him, he pointed his finger towards his chin. I immediately leaned back and touched my chin, quietly asking ‘have i got something on my face’ whilst dying inside thinking ‘shiiiitt a 5 year old just spotted your chin hair. This is what you get for being lazy and not taking care of your shit’, but he calmly shook his head and opened his mouth to show me something thats even bigger deal than an insignficant womans facial hair- a visit from tooth fairy. Hed lost his first tooth!!

When we ask someone, especially a child, ‘how are youuu’ with a squeaky voice and animated eyes, are we really.. like really really interested in their response apart from their ‘fines and oks and goods’ or are we just interested in ourselves and our facial hair?

I suppose I belong to the latter. Buck and my freaking facial hair!!!


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