Brain farts

There should’ve been a blog post on Saturday titled as ‘my girlfriends brain fart’ that would have described the story of how the girlfriend in question persuaded/convinced her boyfriend to give a dodgy looking ‘hitchhiker’ a lift to the city at around 9pm. The boyfriend felt that this title was the most appropriate title for the post and the girlfriend agreed.

Anyways, today, my colleague and I were talking about these brain farts and we came to the conclusion that people these days are scared and photo (3)sceptical about helping someone in need. Interestingly, on my way back home after I dropped my colleague off, I noticed a man walking by who kept on looking back at something. I managed to catch a glimpse of what it was and realised that it was a crow sitting on the kerb. I sensed that there was something wrong with the bird. I kept on driving. The usual things like ‘its just a crow’, ‘really?’ ‘you gotta be kidding me’ went on in my head. But then, I said ‘flip it’ out loud and pulled over. Walked back to where it was and discovered that it was a crow baby. It looked injured but I was not that brave enough to give it a detailed examination. Phoned the Scottish spca and sought advice. The woman on the phone reassured me that it will be fine (the crow was toddling whilst I was on the phone). She said that the mother bird will probably be around and that it will take care of the baby crow as they are a very protective species. I walked back to my car.

Now, this post is more for myself than anyone else to remind the future me (!)that there are two types of helping hands. 1)The helping hand that works in convenience, 2)the helping hand that would help the needy no matter what the circumstance is like.
Blowing my own trumpet here, but I realise that I got the latter. Yes there are certain risks that are associated with this kind, but honestly speaking, the feeling you get out of it afterwards is so freaking worth it man.

Before we stopped the car to give the hitchhiker a lift, my better half quite angrily (for the right reasons) asked me ‘Do you realise the kind of risk we are taking?’ My response was, I’m scared as anything but if we die, we will die with pride knowing that we helped or tried to help a person in need.


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